Stop Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Programs.




If You Suspect A Child Has Been Abused, Contact

Mississippi Division of Child Protective Services or

1.800.222.8000 or 601.432.4570


SCAN is a school-based, child abuse prevention program developed by the National Children’s Advocacy Center. The program lasts 30 minutes and is tailored for children ages 4 - 17. The program’s goal is to protect children by increasing their knowledge and skills in the area of child abuse. In addition, the program serves children who disclose abuse by referring them to appropriate services.


This program is important because education and awareness can help stop abuse that is already in progress. Many of the abused children seen at Healing Hearts Child Advocacy Center have been abused for years before it ever gets reported. This is due to the fact that children do not understand that what is happening to them is wrong and not their fault. Healing Hearts CAC offers SCAN at no charge to schools, summer camps, after school programs and all youth serving organizations.


For Pre-School – 2nd grade children, the program is presented as an interactive puppet show. The puppets talk about three types of abuse including: physical abuse, bullying and inappropriate touching. The children are taught ways to protect themselves through listening to the puppets tell about their experiences.


For 3rd – 8th grade students, the SCAN program is presented through videos, roleplaying and discussion. Children are taught age-appropriate methods for responding to abuse which can help to protect them.


High School Programs also available. They are presented through videos, roleplaying and discussion.


This invaluable program can help the children by addressing ongoing abuse and preventing future victimization.


Call Healing Hearts CAC to schedule a time/date for the SCAN program to be presented to the children you serve at 662-349-1555 or email   

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